Pizza Coop & HERITAGE RESTAURANT Giving Tree

Welcome to the GIVING TREE.  Due to mandatory closures we will no longer be able to have tags in the restaurant, but there are so many families in need and we still want to do all we can to give back.


We are in year 5 of our giving tree and love hearing about how happy these kids are to have a Christmas!   Our giving tree is entirely of families in this community, your community.  This year we are working with Heritage Restaurant and together we are working to sponsor at least 8 families.  Let’s shower them with gifts, food and joy during this tough time.


Below you will find items that have been requested.  We’d love for you to shop local if at all possible to spread joy to small businesses as well. 


Please click on the items you want to “purchase” for the sponsored families.  You will not be charged anything and you will then be responsible for buying that item, wrapping it, labeling it with the family # and age/gender.  You can drop it off at Pizza Coop or Heritage Restaurant at any time.  If you prefer, please just have it shipped to either location and we can do the rest (wrap/label etc.). 


If you don’t want to hassle with shopping and would rather donate money so we can do it for you… that is great too. Simply use the link below and we will do the rest.


Thank you very much for your involvement and for spreading holiday cheer to those in need.